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The iPhone switcher's guide: Move from iOS to Android and keep all your stuff

Michael Simon | Dec. 16, 2016
We can help move your photos, contacts, calendars, mail, music, and messages over to their new home.

It might take a few hours for larger libraries to upload, but once it’s finished, you’ll never be more than a tap away from a lifetime of memories. So whether it’s your next Android phone, a new iPad, or the web, you need only sign in to the Google Photos app to access every picture and screenshot you’ve ever taken, no matter how or where they were shot.


Just like your photos, getting the tunes from your old iPhone onto your Android phone is quick and easy. Of course, if you subscribe to a streaming service, it won’t take any time at all—just download your app of choice, sign in and start rocking out. And if you’re using a service that supports uploads (including Apple Music), your entire library will be at your disposal.

google play music upload
Google Play Music will store 50,000 tracks for you, all for free.

But even if you have a ton of ripped tracks on a external drive, Google has you covered. You don’t have to be a subscriber to Google Play Music to take advantage of its best feature—storing up to 50,000 of your own tracks. And it won’t cost you a dime. Just log into Google Play Music web app, go to the menu in the upper left, and select Upload Music. Your entire collection will be ready to stream in minutes (or hours, depending on the size) on any and all of your devices.

Anything else

For the rest of the apps you use on your phone, you’ll need to hit up the Play Store to find replacements or Android counterparts. All the major apps are represented, of course—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.—and you’ll need only sign in to your account to pick up where you left off. And of course, if your favorite game uses Facebook or some other cloud platform to sync, your progress will be restored once you log in (so don’t freak out, Candy Crush addicts).

icloud bookmarks
Once you meld Safari with Chrome, all of your bookmarks will be available on your new phone.

If you were already using Chrome on your old iPhone, your bookmarks, open tabs, and search history will all be synced to your new device, along with any passwords you’ve stored as soon as you sign in. And if you were using one of the main password managers (1Password, LastPass, or Dashlane), you’ll be able to grab a copy in the Play Store.


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