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The New Xbox One Experience plays favorites, allowing titles from Xbox 360 but not the PC

Mark Hachman | Nov. 11, 2015
PC gamers cry foul play, but all Xbox executive Mike Ybarra would say is, "it's something that we should look into."

“We want to make sure that it’s relevant to the gaming community,” Ybarra added. “So we want to take a little extra time to make sure the quality is there. And what we mean by that is if you say ‘Hey Cortana, is Ralph online?’ Cortana has to have the context to look at your friends list, see if Ralph’s online, and come back” with the right response, comparing his real name against his Xbox Live gamertag, he said.

As with many other Microsoft products, Microsoft uses its “UserVoice” sites as ways to gauge customer demand for particular features. But it also looks, anonymously, at how particular features are used—or not used. For that reason, gestures that use the Kinect sensor have been phased out of the NXOE, Ybarra told Windows Central. (Voice control via the Kinect microphone has been left in, however, as have Kinect gestures inside games.

It also seems unlikely that PC-to-Xbox One streaming will happen soon, although Microsoft first begun talking up the possibility back in March. According to Ybarra, the topic receives quite a lot of interest from PC gamers, but has fallen out of the top 30 most requested features on the Xbox One UserVoice site.

Keyboard control, another promised feature, has already been included, although just for text input, according to Windows Central. 

Like Windows 10, the NXOE will continue to deliver preview updates before they’re rolled out to the general public. With the Windows 10 “Threshold 2” release due soon as well, it looks like this week could be an important one both for Microsoft and its users. 


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