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The Rise of Converged Infrastructures: Simplifying IT complexity

Zafar Anjum | Feb. 6, 2015
In this interview with ENM Online Editor Zafar Anjum, Gil Shneorson, Vice President & General Manager VSPEX at EMC, discusses the emergence of converged infrastructures, how they simplify IT and what benefit they bring to businesses.

Market data shows a rapidly evolving server-based SAN market opportunity delivered as hyper-converged infrastructure appliances.  Customers have been demanding simplicity and ease of use. EMC sees a lot of potential in this market as customers shift away from traditional systems in favor of Infrastructure that can be scaled out on demand and in doing so frees IT from the bondage of advanced IT forecasting.

The shift toward the 3rd platform and the rise of the hyper-converged systems with server-based SAN are opening up new opportunities for EMC.  The recent launch of EMC VSPEX BLUE is an embodiment of strategic business goals of the EMC Federation - to capitalize on the channel-driven distribution strategy to reach the emerging market opportunity.

Are hyper-converged infrastructures only for big enterprises? Could they also help SMBs? In what ways? 

No, hyper-converged is not necessarily just for big enterprises. In EMC VSPEX BLUE we are offering all customers the fastest, lowest-risk path to the private/hybrid cloud. For SMB customers who are looking to standardize their IT deployments, that need agility, and that want to be able to add capacity and performance both quickly and easily, then they too can benefit greatly. Cost is naturally a huge concern in the SMB, but when you consider all of the data center elements that VSPEX BLUE can replace then it becomes very cost effective and attractive.

In addition, for SMBs the simplicity and ease-of-use is unparalleled and will enable the often time less specialized SMB IT staffers do more without requiring additional or advanced skill sets.  VSPEX BLUE is ideal for General Purpose Tier 2 IT applications, ROBO, VDI, Virtual Private Cloud, Development and Test, and non-critical application workloads and so it really has wide appeal for all customers including those considered SMB.

How are hyper-converged infrastructures going to make IT simple?

Let me start by saying not all hyper-converged infrastructure solutions are created equally. In VSPEX BLUE, EMC is destroying IT complexity. We as a company have gained a lot of experience in the past several years with VSPEX and VCE Vblock, we have listed to our partners and customers and are sure that VSPEX BLUE addresses many of the asks that we've heard for some time now.

Customers today face IT complexity, "skills gap" and the pressure of being able to react faster to the needs of their business and their IT consumers. Customers also worry about security and outage and then who to turn to when they need help, and it goes without saying how they can do more with less.

We've made not only the technology simple but also the process by which to buy easy. Customers can go to the EMC e-store, get educated on the appliance and at the click of the mouse request a quote for a single ski appliance.


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