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Think your IT project is a nightmare? Check these out and you'll feel better

Katherine Noyes | Nov. 11, 2015
Pro tip: You know there's a problem when all your users show up for work wearing red.

Similar delays and woes now reportedly beset the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Modernize and Innovate the Delivery of Agricultural Systems" (MIDAS) project, which was envisioned a decade ago and is reportedly now $140 million over budget, two years overdue and only 20 percent operational.

Then, too, there's the ongoing saga surrounding the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' system, which is reportedly denying healthcare to some 29,000 or so combat vets.

Finally, you've got to feel for those involved in the launch of National Health Services Scotland's shiny new system late last month. The technology was reportedly already two years late and £41.6m over budget. Launch day finally arrived, and what happens? It crashes, forcing staff back to pen and paper.


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