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This is Tim: Apple's CEO on the iPad, Apple TV, future products, and China

Serenity Caldwell | April 25, 2014
As usual, Apple CEO Tim Cook was the focus of attention during the company's quarterly earnings call with analysts on Wednesday. And, as usual, we've got a transcript of his remarks while on the call.

The other things you look at on iPad that are just blow-away is customer sat[isfaction] is 98 [percent]. There's almost nothing in the world with a 98 customer sat. And the intention-to-buy numbers look good, with two-thirds of people planning to buy a tablet planning to buy an iPad. The usage numbers are off the charts, far exceeding Android tablets — four times the Web traffic of all Android tablets combined.

And so when I back up from all of these, I feel great. That doesn't mean that every quarter — every 90 days — is going to be a number that everybody's thrilled with. But what it means to me is that the trend over time, over the arc of time, that things look very, very, good — that iPad has a great future.

And of course the thing that drives us, more than any of this, are the "next iPads," if you will, the things that are in the pipeline, the things that we can do to make the product even better. And there's no shortage of work going in on that, nor any shortage of ideas.

And so when I back up from all of this, I can't help but still be extremely excited about where we are.

I think we did a reasonable job of explaining what we think the disconnect was between what we had expected — which we hit it at the high end of our expectations — and [Wall] Street's view of this one. And I believe the vast majority of it is that first thing was just channel inventory that...maybe we should have been even clearer on last quarter to take in to account. But I am very bullish on iPad.

On Amazon and Google's business diversification

The key thing that...for us, is to stay focused on things that we can do best and that we can perform at a really high level of quality that our customers have come to expect.

And so we currently feel comfortable in expanding the number of things we're working on. We've been doing that in the background, and we're not ready yet to pull the string on the curtain.

But we've got some great things there that we're working on that I'm very very proud of and very, very excited about.

But for us, we care about every detail, and when you care about every detail and getting it right, it takes a bit longer to do that. And that's always been the case — that's not something that just occurred, you know.

As you probably know from following us for a long time, we didn't ship the first MP3 player, nor the first smartphone, nor the first tablet. In fact, there were tablets being shipped a decade or so before then, but arguably we shipped the first successful modern tablet, the first successful modern smartphone, and the first successful modern MP3 player. And so it means much more to us to get it right, than to be first.


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