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Tobii Eye Tracker 4C hands-on: Mousing with your eyes has surprising potential for gaming

Mark Hachman | Dec. 20, 2016
Eye tracking is a luxury not everyone needs, but when it works, it works.

Ideally, the Tobii eye trackers would be sold with support for actual, real-live look-to-shoot: You look at an enemy, you click, bang. Sure it would be completely game-breaking, but really, why not?

Still not quite there

I’m still fascinated with the Tobii technology, even as I remain just as convinced that it’s just not quite ready for purchase. Something always seems to be just a bit off. Eye tracking within Windows isn’t quite as precise and as smooth as I would like, and my mouse already “accelerates” when I whip it across the screen, offering a level of speed and accuracy competitive to what an eye tracker offers. There’s potential as a gaming peripheral, however, and for that reason I can’t write off Tobii quite yet.


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