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Transition from traditional security to advanced technologies: Rishi Rajpal, Concentrix

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
APT, DLP, NGFW are hyped for organization’s not updated with changing threat landscape and IT security team working in isolation without alignment to business, says Rishi Rajpal, Concentrix Corporation.

2. Investment in Security tools and People: Cybercrime groups have become much more organised and sophisticated. They have started deploying the the latest technologies and have learned to exploit the Internet  to damage the critical infrastructure of any country. Strategic investment in tools and people that helps in securing and managing critical infrastructure is the need of the hour. Organisations would continue to invest in tools that can leverage predictive modelling to allow them to build resilience within the business. Investment in people to drive and manage these tools would become critical for the organisation.

3. Threat from IoT:As more and more devices get connected and IoT explodes, IoT will become a significant threat surface for the enterprise, leading to more physical disruption and new innovative secured solutions. Organizations would enhance privacy and build secure IoT devices by adopting a security-focused approach, reducing the amount of data collected by IoT devices, and increasing transparency and providing consumers with a choice to opt-out of data collection.

4. BYOD Trends in the Workplace: We saw many organisation launch BYOD programs and this trend would continue in 2016. BYOD programs would continue to drive create a mobile workforce. Organisations would be able to tap new business opportunities with a reduced cost, which inturn would add value to clients' businesses. This trend would continue to impact organisations of all sizes resulting in economies of scale.

5. Education and Awareness: As business model is changing cloud, mobile computing, Internet has become critical, the exposure to online resources has exponentially increased, We should see increased focus on information security "Education and Awareness" and measuring its effectiveness. People are considered the Weakest link and their actions can have direct impact on Information Security. 

Source: Computerworld India


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