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Triby review: Alexa transforms a silly gadget into a family-oriented digital assistant

Theo Nicolakis | May 3, 2016
The Triby outperformed any other speakerphone I’ve had in my kitchen. Its speaker function was smooth and clean: People on the other end of a Triby VoIP call could hear me clearly, and their voices consistently sounded intelligible.

The bottom line: A transformation

Had I reviewed the Triby when I received it in December 2015, my reaction would have been “meh.” I would have said it’s just another wireless speaker (albeit with Spotify Connect integration), and that it has some cute features that youngsters might like. I never found it useful or practical for everyday use.

Now that the Triby comes with Alexa, I have a completely different opinion. The difference is like night and day. The little toy has grown up to become a high-powered digital assistant. It’s everything Amazon’s Echo is, but with the useful additions of a display, a speakerphone for VoIP calls, and a fun-for-kids messaging service. I like it a lot. 


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