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Unleash the Fury X: Building a powerful, yet tiny PC with AMD's top GPU and APU

Marco Chiappetta | Sept. 9, 2015
AMD just released a new flagship graphics card and APU, so we crammed both into a tiny PC to see how they perform.

While we ran all of the benchmarks, we also monitored power to see how much juice the rig was pulling from the wall. At idle, the system virtually sipped power and consumed only 55 watts. With a heavy CPU workload, power consumption jumped to 153 watts, and then again to 192 watts with a heavy GPU workload. With both the APU and GPU getting whacked, power consumption hovered between 382 and 414 watts.

Overall, we were pretty happy with how this rig turned out. With Windows 10, a relatively fast APU, a powerful GPU like the Fury X, and some speedy memory and storage, this all-AMD system is very snappy indeed.


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