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Vodafone: No contact from law firm on class action

Julia Talevski | Feb. 26, 2013
Vodafone states it hasn't been provided with any details of the class action brought on by Piper Alderman

Vodafone Australia hasn't had any contact from Australian law firm, Piper Alderman, which is planning to proceed with a class action lawsuit against the telco.

The action relates to Vodafone customers experiencing calls dropping out, reception issues, weak data and internet performance and poor customer service in 2010 and 2011.

Since Piper Alderman began collecting disgruntled Vodafone customers in December 2010, it has received more than 23,000 registrations of interest to participate in the action from contract holders.

A spokesperson from the telco said it was aware of the law firm's plans to proceed with the class action, but the firm hasn't directly contacted the telco about it since it first threatened action in 2010.

"Nor has it sought to discuss the claims of any customers it represents in the class action with Vodafone," the Vodafone spokesperson stated. "Vodafone has not been provided with any details of the class action at this stage and is therefore not able to comment on the claims which might be made.

"Vodafone would like to hear from any customer who has encountered difficulties with the network and we encourage customers, past and current, to contact us directly so that we can discuss ways to resolve any concerns they have."

The partner leading the action for Piper Alderman, Sasha Ivanstoff, said it believed consumers overpaid for services not provided, or customers were misled into signing contracts with Vodafone where no mobile coverage was in their area.

Piper Alderman and LCM Litigation Fund will group thousands of small claims together into one class action.

"Vodafone publically admitted to these faults and accepted that they responded inadequately to the complaints and concerns of their customers," LCM managing director, Patrick Coope, said. "While their customers appreciate the acknowledgement, it comes far too late for many people who have suffered as a direct result of Vodafone's failure to provide them with the services they signed up for."


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