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Wasteland 2 preview: When deeply branching gameplay meets pistol-packing post-apocalyptic priests

Hayden Dingman | Aug. 6, 2014
"Interplay had the crown in roleplaying, I'd love to get that crown back," says Brian Fargo. He pauses, laughs. "Me and Obsidian, we'll battle it out."

You could even cut out the entire second half of the game. And the developers plan for some people to do so, and even have a built-in ending to accompany that direction. "You can go hostile against the rangers themselves and become an enemy of the state and the world just takes a different turn, and you don't even get to go to the LA part of the game," says Fargo. "But you can still win the game! You can beat the rangers, credits will roll, you get the epilogue, the whole deal. You get a different ending."

Decisions upon decisions upon decisions. Fargo says their maxim is teaching the player how to think, rather than leading the player along — that the scripters are off building in hidden occurrences at every turn. "They tell me about this little touch, like 'If this guy is in this party under these nine conditions and this happens...'" says Fargo.

"All we've been doing for the last seven or eight months is building in nuance after nuance," he continues. "There's a tortoise on the ground and if you flip it over, like the old Blade Runner thing, if you flip it over it starts crawling really slow, and you can follow it for like ten minutes. And after ten minutes or so it sinks into the ground, and if you dig right there you find a cache of great stuff. But you have to be really patient to do it.

"I get as excited about that little thing as I do about any big feature."


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