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Weird name, cool tool: Smappee monitors and reports energy consumption for each of your home's appliances

Michael Brown | Dec. 11, 2014
Manufacturer says its US$249 smart energy monitor will pay for itself within one year.

If your home uses solar panels that are connected to your breaker panel, an additional sensor will report the energy those panels are generating, so that you can measure your home's net energy consumption (or production, as the case may be). Smappee is new to the North American market, but Grosjean says the concept was fine-tuned for more than a year in Belgium and the Netherlands before being rolled out to the rest of Europe.

The Smappee app offers tips for reducing your home's energy consumption, and it uses gamification techniques to motivate energy conservation. The app will also support multiple sensors, so you can set one up in your primary home and a second in your vacation home, and track them both with the same app.

The standard Smappee will be priced at $249, with the model capable of supporting solar panels selling for $349. Smappee is sending us an evaluation unit, so look for our hands-on review in the coming weeks.


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