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What a Two-Way Radio Solution Can Do

F.Y. Teng | April 13, 2012
A mall in Malaysia drives business with a simple, but powerful, communications system.

A suburban mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, deployed last year what appeared to be a simple Motorola communications system, and not too long after came to realise all sorts of benefits-operational and strategic- stemming from that single investment.  In an interview with MIS Asia, Fong Kok Jun, Security Manager of Tropicana City Mall, shared with us just what went right. Read on.

MIS Asia: Talk about the challenges unique to your business and how they translate into specific ICT needs for your company.
Fong Kok Jun:
The Tropicana City Mall covers 700,000 square feet of space spread over four levels of retail floors and three levels of basement car park. It's dedicated to retail, food & beverage, entertainment, hypermarket and other lifestyle outlets. The mall also has a large parking bay that accommodates 2,500 cars in three basement levels and links to an additional 1,700 car park bays in the Damansara Intan Business Park. Given the central location, it attracts a large number of visitors daily. Business operations also revolve around a high volume of movement of people and goods.

The scale of operations is a challenge in itself and there are other multiple challenges that come with the complex operations involving teams such as security, maintenance teams, customer service staff and cleaners, et cetera. All these teams must work together behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and great experience for visitors.

Coordinating between all these teams and their operations across the expanse of the mall in an efficient manner requires a reliable, cost efficient, easy to use and instant communication solution both for voice and data. The system also needs to be sophisticated enough to meet special requirements of a large scale command and control operation in case of emergencies.

It was for this, that we employed Motorola Solutions' MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio solution to address this essential communication requirement.

Tell us about how you came about your new communications set up through deployment and testing to the present.
We started with the Motorola GP2100 radios, which effectively served our needs. As our operations expanded and we added more and more staff and let out more retail space, our communication needs began to outstrip the capacity of the earlier fleet of analog radios. We had to urgently resolve the expanding needs, and that is when we were offered the Motorola Solutions' MOTOTRBO digital radios. 

We were told that analog spectrum usage is less efficient than digital, and thus digital was a natural progression as we recognised the need to resolve the channel congestion and cater for our expanding user base.

MOTOTRBO digital radios also allows for a more efficient use of licensed frequencies to significantly enhance capacity, service quality, security and expand the types of applications that can be deployed using digital two-way radios.  Since we upgraded to MOTOTRBO, we have been able to gain all these advantages, while at the same time ensure backward compatibility with our existing analog radios.


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