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What a Two-Way Radio Solution Can Do

F.Y. Teng | April 13, 2012
A mall in Malaysia drives business with a simple, but powerful, communications system.

Radio systems do not require a complex supporting infrastructure, take a shorter time to deploy and run on their own network, offer unlimited airtime and are built rugged.  It took just three weeks for Motorola Solution's partners Micro-D and Radii Teknologi Sdn Bhd to install, test and commission the network and user training was completed over three days to the larger work teams.

All this translates to significant cost savings for enterprises such as ours, on a low maintenance, scalable and sophisticated system that comes with long term investment assurance compared to cellular networks.

When you started out, what options were you considering before going with the current model of delivery?
From the beginning, it was clear that we required a two way radio system as the nature of our operations required a communication solution that was efficient, instant, had long product life and was built strong to function reliably in extreme environments and withstand rough handling. We also required a system that was built to suit the command and control needs of large scale operations as well as to deal with emergency situations. Mobile phones may not meet these communication needs as effectively.

We chose to go with a Motorola GP2100 radios as the brand was a global brand known for its reliability. Over the years, we added more and more radios to our network until a time when we could not expand any further without adding more repeaters and licensed channels. 

We approached Micro-D Technologies, the Motorola authorised distributor. They proposed a more cost effective option of migrating to Motorola Solutions' MOTOTRBO digital solution. The cost saving was compelling, and we were able to save half the costs just from the equipment and licensing fees as compared to expanding our analog system. If the technology hadn't come from Motorola Solutions, we wouldn't have confidently pursued it. The migration process was smooth. The new solution also ensured we did not have to throw away our early investments in analog two-way radios. MOTOTRBO has helped expand the capability of our existing infrastructure while taking a progressive migration approach.

Why did you opt for Motorola Solutions?
Motorola Solutions came as a natural first choice to us as they have a proven track record in innovation and technology leadership and have an edge over others in radio communication technology.

Please tell us about your level of investment in this current setup and what you've gained from it.
The intent behind investing in such a system was to have a reliable and instant communication backbone that helped maintain high security, and service standards at the Tropicana City Mall & Mixed Development, and we see this value derived compared to our previous existing system.


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