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What the 'console-ification' of PCs means for gamers

Brad Chacos | April 24, 2013
Simple, streamlined, and cheap: The words once used to describe the strengths of console gaming may soon apply to PC gaming, too.

"We'd prefer not to participate in this particular interview because the console transition is such a hot-button topic and we're generally taking a wait-and-see approach," one anonymous big-name indie developer told me. "We don't like to speculate about this stuff, though we find all of it very, very interesting and I think you've asked a lot of great questions here."

Geez, thanks. Every other developer said something similar (compliments on my reporting style aside).

Not today, not tomorrow, but one day

We're teetering on the precipice of a new tomorrow for PC gaming. All of these technologies are still in their infancy, but it's obvious that some sort of convergence is coming.

PCs will no doubt lead the bleeding edge of performance gaming for years to come, technology-wise, but will that matter if games are designed for ubiquitous platform portability? What does the future actually hold? Even the people making games don't know the answers to these questions.

Consoles and PCs and pixel-pumping tablets like the Razer Edge each handle control so differently that full-blown convergence seems difficult to ever imagine. Nonetheless, the underlying seeds for at least a basic sort of unification are being laid right now. Someday--not today, not tomorrow, but someday--the dividing wall will crumble, and PC fanboys and console fanboys will have no choice but to lay down their pitchforks and torches and call themselves just plain gamers.

On that day, we'll all be part of the Horde.


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