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10 leadership lessons from Jeffrey Fox

Mike Lyles | July 11, 2014
Do you remember when you were first assigned a leadership role? It's an exciting adventure, filled with anticipation, anxiousness, fear of the unknown and an overwhelming need to ensure you're ready to take on one of the greatest responsibilities of a career.

We once heard that TV will put radio out of business. Movies would put Broadway out of business. Catalogues would put retailers out of business. These predictions weren't, and aren't, true. Stupid email, stupid letter, stupid ad (and so on) are stupid regardless of the medium. Quality communication will never be trumped by media.

Lyles: Many people ask, "How do you want to be remembered?" The answer is different for many people. Some prefer to live a simple life, enjoy their families and leave the world as they found it. Some want to be revolutionary, to see their name in the stars and to be remembered as someone famous. Some want a hybrid: They want to enjoy life and make a change but, in the process, leave the world as a better place than they found it.

What about you? If Jeffrey Fox could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Fox: "Per ipsa loquitur," which is Latin for "the thing speaks for itself." If anyone's going to be remembered, it will be by the things they did: Grandma's apple pie, the father who showed up at all of his kid's games. The rememberer will create memories based on what the person did for them. Maybe I'll be remembered for what I did for others.


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