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2011 Women of Influence award winners named

Joan Goodchild | Dec. 20, 2011
The 2011 Executive Women's Forum "Women of Influence" Awards were celebrated recently at the annual EWF event in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What valuable advice have you received along the way in your career?

Rather than specific career advice, I have relied upon the advice from Buddhist and other inspirational leaders in all aspects of my career, especially when I face professional situations which I consider difficult at the time: "What you resist, persists", "Flow like a river over the rocks."

When you find it difficult to follow these concepts, you know it is time to move on to your next job or career opportunity either within your existing employer or elsewhere. I have sought opportunities that felt right for me personally, not what others thought I should value in a job, as each of us have professional and life lessons to learn through our unique life journeys. I have relied heavily on my instinct about professional challenges and new opportunities. And finally, I have taken seriously life lessons of loss --deaths of close friends at early ages from M.S., leukemia, and breast cancer -- which helped me not waste precious time in unfulfilling professional roles. Always pursue what you know instinctively will make you happy-- not what someone else suggests for you based on their measured standard. Enjoy your career - wherever it leads!!!

Public Sector

The 2011 Public Sector winner is Lisa Lee, IT Examiner with the U.S. Treasury, Office of Comptroller of the Currency.

Lee has served for 23 years as a banking regulator, first as a safety & soundness examiner analyzing new investment vehicles and financial management and then as an IT examiner for the past 14 years. Following the merger of the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) in July 2011, Ms. Lee now serves as an IT Examiner in the Large Bank Division at the OCC. While at the OTS, she served as the lead IT examiner at examinations of companies including General Electric, Citibank, E*Trade, and Fiserv.

Lee specializes in cloud computing, information security, enterprise risk management, and social networking and social media. She developed and hosted a Cloud Computing Symposium for the OTS in 2009 with leading experts and then led a team that drafted regulatory guidelines. She was instrumental in developing work programs for reviewing databases and hosted the OTS' first Webinar to help thrifts understand how to manage a security incident.

What is the biggest challenge for women in security professions today?

One of the biggest challenges for women in information security seems to be isolation. Who you know in this industry really matters and can help you stay on top of what is important in the flood of information. Unfortunately, many of us do not focus on building a strong network of professional contacts and making sure we have mentors and sponsors to encourage us as we navigate the next career move. Betsy Myers, EWF keynote and author of Take the Lead, notes it is not just about the glass ceiling anymore it is about the sticky floor. Many women find themselves in positions where they feel undervalued and underutilized, but unsure of how to move their career forward. We need people who will be there to help us, who will encourage and push us to live up to our full potential; who will inspire us to think outside of the box, and who will cheer our success.


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