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5 tips to better understand millennial managers

Sarah K. White | Sept. 7, 2016
If you aren't already managed by a millennial, chances are you soon will be as these young workers quickly take on leadership roles in corporate America.

They won't push radical change

You shouldn't worry about millennials coming in and changing things over night -- they will likely be sensitive to the established company culture and environment. Wayland says that, in most cases, management at a company founded by millennials will look different than at a company with a more traditional corporate structure.

Wayland says that while millennials will certainly influence change as they rise the corporate ladder, they also understand how to remain open to the differences between all employees -- regardless of what generation they fall into. In fact, with millennial managers, you should expect more flexibility with remote work, better schedules for busy parents and a "company culture that encourages growth and collaboration," says Wayland.

And if you're curious how to identify your future millennial managers, Tulgan has some advice. "Look for those millennials who love the responsibility and the service. Look for those who consistently practice the basics of management with discipline. Look for those who spend the most time patiently teaching. Look for those who want to lift people up and make them better. They will likely be your future leaders."


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