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Against the grain: Bucking the outsourcing trend

Kanika Goswami | Nov. 24, 2008
Underneath its distaste for chrome, glass and anything loudly modern, VST's been busy pulling off an IT feat few other modern companies have attempted.

Nemani fixed that problem personally. "I found great support when Ratnakar himself spent time with my people to take care of change management. He told us to leave the room, gathered my users and explained to them how [ERP] worked," Prasad remembers.

The meeting went well. Prasad says he felt his team's comfort levels increase. He says it had everything to do with how Nemani can speak a language everyone understands. "He addresses himself to how any change should be managed down the line, not only ERP. He gave my team confidence," Prasad adds.

Nemani doesn't want to stop now and Sankar, the Finance Director and Company Secretary, too, sees more opportunities. "One is in the SME segment. With the kind of expertise we have, we could generate some revenue and keep growing. But this is still in the initial stages and we are trying to learn how we can better the service side." The SME focus, he says, comes from the fact that many of these companies are family-run and mindset is very important.

That said, Sankar refuses to refer to VST's IT team as a business unit. "We are still in the initial stages, making a revenue center out of it is still a new idea," he says.

Which is fine with Nemani. The fact that what he started is accepted is a good-enough beginning. It wasn't too long ago, after all, that people thought his ideas were outlandish -- a little how like not everyone could initially accept a Gujarati lawyer named Mohandas Gandhi, and we know how that ended.


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