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Bespoke service-based information security

Jack Loo | May 20, 2013
Integralis guides its clients from a perimeter-based security approach to one based on data.

If an organisation wants to open up a new office in an emerging market, they've already got the secure infrastructure in place, they've got secure hosting. They've already got a secure communications channel. They have already enabled the mobility because the security is already embedded in that. The risk platform allows you to then support those business decisions with strong analytics and people's interpretation of "These are your risks, this is your exposure, do you want to take that?" This is the cost of protecting.

That is certainly the way we have matured, the conversations we have had with our clients. There is no business decision around that or, "Here's 20 vulnerabilities that we found in your network." There is no business value in that.

If we say, "You can fix 200 vulnerabilities across your process that is going to be running by the end of the quarter and that will cost you US$2 million to fix them. But dealing with them actually allows you to produce US$7 million." It's changing the business context.

That is really what we are trying to do to enable the business to make a conformed business decision about their risk and information security hasn't been that way for a long time. That's where we can present the information in a context that makes sense to them so that they can make that informed business decision.


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