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CIO Workshop focuses on market upswing

Jack Loo | May 24, 2011
CIOs grapple with complexities as economy resumes recovery.

SINGAPORE, 24 MAY 2011-The 24th CIO Workshop is currently underway, with this year's theme being "From downturn to growth: The complexities that come with it".

Held over five days in Singapore's Red Dot Museum, and also in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the workshop is jointly organised by Accenture and the island nation's Information Technology Management Association (ITMA).

Jack Loo, features editor, CIO Asia, speaks with ITMA president Eugene Chang to find out more about this year's workshop.

Why was this theme chosen: "From downturn to growth: The complexities that come with it"?

The issues that come with downturn have been very intensively covered over the years. The situation with growth is slightly different. Many organisations look towards achieving growth and while it is a good thing, it does bring with it a completely different set of challenges. However, this is not extensively covered or talked about, so we thought it would be interesting to hear some of the stories related to growth and to share that experience with CIOs in Singapore and in Hong Kong.

How long does it take to finalise everything?

The theme was finalised based on some of the feedback from previous years. The board of advisors bounced around ideas on virtualisation, security, IT governance and eventually we ended with our theme around growth as we felt it was timely for us to cover this issue now. It's been a long process for us. We started in September 2010 and we see it in fruition in May 2011.

What would you say is the most challenge aspect of organising the CIO Workshop?

The most challenging aspect of organising the CIO Workshop is perhaps getting the right speakers with the right experience to come on board and share them. Thankfully, we have been lucky as the board of advisors work together in a team to share our recommendation of speakers for the event.

And why was Hong Kong chosen?

Hong Kong was chosen as we had good memories of a past CIO Workshop we did in 2006. This was very well received by our delegates. It is also interesting for us to revisit Hong Kong particularly because of its close affiliation with China and we were keen to understand how some of the companies there were dealing with the growth issues and challenges.

This year's theme sounds positive compared to last year's and is even more positive than the year before. Is it an indication that good times are coming for the CIO?

Our theme in 2010 was "The New Game in IT: Risks & Rewards", and the year before was "Business (not) as Usual: The CIO in Uncertain Times" - these themes were indicative of the economic landscape then. This year's theme is certainly more positive and while we cannot absolutely say for certain that good times are ahead, we can say for sure that growth is inevitable for economies and businesses in this dynamic part of the world.


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