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Cybersecurity confidence gets a C- . How to improve your grade in 2017

Stacy Collett | Dec. 22, 2016
According to this year’s data, global cybersecurity confidence fell six points over 2016 to earn an overall score of 70 percent.

Investigate promising tools

A slew of new technologies aims to protect networks from breaches and is worth investigating. Machine learning tools, which deliver the ability to analyze networks, learn about them, detect anomalies and protect enterprises from threats, may allow organizations to get in front of the threat, finding and eradicating them before they can do harm. Early reaction from users – mostly major cloud and media enterprises and financial institutions – has been positive. However, researchers caution that machine learning is no silver bullet and that it has its limitations.

Tools that provide consistent monitoring of your own security posture, as well as that of your partners, and then update networks accordingly, can improve cybersecurity assurance, says Alex Heid, chief research officer at SecurityScorecard. The vendor’s software platform, which analyzes publicly available data on known vulnerabilities to identify security holes, also has a collaboration feature. “If you’re seeing a problem on a partner’s scorecard, you can invite them in so they can see and fix it,” Heid says. “We’re trying to create a collaborative ecosystem to watch each other’s backs.”

As Hayslip rings in 2017, he’s relying on his team and his partners to sharpen San Diego’s cybersecurity defenses in the new year. “I’m confident that a lot of my partners are working to help us identify threats and help fight it. I’m confident in my team and the work they’re doing to build out our operations center and put policies in place. In this job, you’ll never know everything. As a CISO, you have to admit that at times you just don’t know, and you have to collaborate and ask for help. In this type of environment, you have no choice.”


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