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Emergence of a new model

Zafar Anjum | April 6, 2009
Brian Pereira, the head of HCL Axon for Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East, talks about the HCL Axon acquisition and how a new model of governance of financial institutions is emerging.

HCL Technologies, the fifth largest IT services firm in India, recently completed the largest tech acquisition ever for India in December last year. HCL acquired UK-based Axon in a £440 million (US$655 million) acquisition outbidding Infosys in the process. The new entity created was called HCL Axon. Brian Pereira, the head of HCL Axon for Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East, was in Singapore in March when MIS Asias online editor Zafar Anjum caught up with him on the phone. A new model of governance of financial institutions is emerging and we will be a big participant in that process, he said.

Here are excerpts from the interview.

Let us start talking about the HCL Axon acquisition. What is the significance of this deal for your company, and for outsourcing in general in India or the Asia Pacific?

Well start with outsourcing in India, because there is an evolution that has happened or is in the process of happening around outsourcing as a competence, and where it has evolved to is the fact that not only do we want to do technology outsourcing, but we also want someone who can actually give us good business advice, who can be our partner through good times and bad times, especially now, and who can also bring a dimension of business acumen with specific business and industry expertise to help me create an advantage in my business. So thats the evolution.

And when we move on to what value Axon brings to HCL, I think at a time where we were looking at a way to fill the gap in our transformation services with something that was very meaty, very business-capable, that brought a lot of industry specialty to HCLs stables, that was the justification for the Axon acquisition. So what they bring for us is a business case, business benefit-driven approach to implementing SAP.

And we only do SAP in HCL Axon, and we are the largest only-SAP partner globally. So we only do business benefits and a benefits-driven approach to implementing an enterprise application, a package enterprise application.

So (from) the value of HCL, it brings that significant capability into the space for enterprise applications for us, it adds a level of vertical expertise in areas such as aerospace, in oil and gas, in utilities, in retail, in consumer packaged goods and in public sector which we didnt have a big global presence in, and a couple of additional arrows to our bow when it comes to delivery centres. So we added a major delivery centre in Malaysia, one in Puerto Rico, that Axon has brought over to the SAP-specific.


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