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Envision a better connected world

William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer | April 29, 2014
This is the text of the speech by William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, at the 2014 Huawei Global Analyst Summit. In his welcome address, Xu said that as connectivity becomes increasingly important and a way of life globally.

Over the past several years, mobile broadband has been developing rapidly, now covering more than 2 billion people. More and more individuals, businesses, and organizations are joining a connected world. In addition, such things as glasses, watches, shoes, and various types of devices, even the seemingly unrelated toothbrush, have all somehow become "intelligent" and connected in ways never thought possible. Connectivity has become part of our work and life. The relationship between connectivity technology and the physical world is also undergoing profound changes. People's work and life are made easier thanks to connectivity.

By being incorporated into various exploration activities, connectivity increasingly unleashes human potential and creates new business opportunities. This is a very interesting change. As long as real-time, dynamic, and intrinsic data concerning human behavior is synchronized, transmitted, processed, analyzed, and presented using cloud computing and Big Data technologies and is combined with today's business world, it will unleash infinite potential in all industries, such as finance, automobile, healthcare, and education. All this is just the beginning. Today, I will envision a better connected world together with you.

Connectivity has become a new norm of life

I believe everyone here is among that group of people who rely most heavily on the network. Maybe all of you have experienced annoying network interruptions. Of course, if you use Huawei's products and services, you would never have had such an experience. Just kidding.

Today, about a half of the world's population uses various types of connectivity to access the network. This connectivity allows them to handle emails, do shopping, and communicate with friends. As I am talking now, our conference is also connected with the rest of the world. Analysts and other friends around the world who take a concern in Huawei can watch this conference live via the network.

We cannot imagine what it would be like when individuals, businesses, or organizations are disconnected from the network in modern society. We become anxious when there is no network signal or the "page is loading" prompt is displayed for too long on our screen. Even more agitating is the "low-power" display. Connectivity has become a new norm of life. Better connectivity means higher speed, zero wait time, real-time display, and ubiquity, as well as high security and reliability. 

Many of you have seen the diagram of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Many people today regard connectivity as the most essential human need, seemingly unable to live without network access. Perhaps Maslow's hierarchy of needs should be modified to include connectivity in addition to physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization needs.

ICT is leading the next wave of social development

Yesterday marked the 45th Earth Day. Continuous social development, especially the development of the traditional industrial civilization, has consumed too many non-renewable resources. This means if we refuse to change our production model, sustained social development will become impossible.


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