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Envision a better connected world

William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer | April 29, 2014
This is the text of the speech by William Xu, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, at the 2014 Huawei Global Analyst Summit. In his welcome address, Xu said that as connectivity becomes increasingly important and a way of life globally.

In the UK, the National Theatre Live project broadcasts the best of British theater live using 4K technology to cinemas for those unable to attend the live event. These audiences can have nearly the same experience as those in the National Theatre.

The upcoming 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil will be broadcast live using 4K technology. Viewers will enjoy close to the same visual experience from the comfort of their home as those who are at the football stadium. To make this viewing experience possible, viewers must have a minimal 80 to 100 Mbit/s broadband connection at their home.

At Huawei's laboratories, our "Mirror Sys" is researching and testing interactive experience at a bandwidth of more than 500 Mbit/s.

Third, things will be connected more extensively, unleashing infinite business potential.

More comprehensive and thorough perception as well as ubiquitous connectivity will make it possible to get everything connected, which will greatly promote the future development of technology, the economy, and society at large. All industries will be able to explore higher value from a connected world.

After sensors and Big Data restructure the automobile industry, the business model of insurance companies will change significantly. Based on the data obtained through connectivity, insurance companies can analyze the driving behaviors of vehicle owners through modeling and draw conclusions to help them set premium charges and apply discounts. The analytics will be able to combine such factors as model safety, maintenance records and general conditions of the vehicle, owner driving habits, and the accident rates along frequent driving routes in addition to the owner's driving record. Vehicle owners with no accidents in the past year who meet other discount criteria will be entitled to higher discounts on their premiums. The opposite is also true. Supported by Big Data, insurance companies that operate based on "connectivity" will have a huge advantage over those that fail to change from the traditional model in insurance services.

As early as the second half of 2015, the "telematics" module from Huawei will help vehicles from automobile manufacturers such as Benz join "a better connected world".

In the future, everything will get connected. Our work, life, study, entertainment, and just about anything else imaginable will be connected in the cloud. Just imagine when every desk in every classroom, every computed tomography (CT) machine in every hospital, every seat in every cinema, every bed in every hotel, and every vehicle on the road are connected to the network, how much information and data will be generated? Infinite business opportunities will be created from such information and data. How many new services and how much business value can be created accordingly? These are the opportunities for the industry and the direction Huawei is working towards.


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