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EXCLUSIVE: Building ESET from the ground up

Hafizah Osman | April 27, 2016
Interview with Richard Marko, CEO of IT security company ESET.

HO: In terms of direction, where are you taking ESET next?

RM: I’m trying to maintain what has been our strength for years – the focus is on our products and services. We’re trying to have the best research team that consistently provides insight into malware. We want to be the leader in research within the security area. That allows us to design our products properly. Five years ago, malicious software was about protecting Windows workstations but that has changed to mow include other platforms that are becoming just as popular, and cybercrime is reflecting that.

For example, it has become proliferant on mobile and it means we need to pay attention and provide similar levels of protection and features for all these different platforms.

And as we grow bigger, we’re working on a new line of business products. We already have some of the biggest companies as our customers and this is the top priority for ESET as a company. We want to focus on business, with a keen focus on enterprise. There are different segments that aren’t conquered enough by us so there is a lot of potential.

The enterprise space, from a product perspective, is currently important for us and I think there is a huge potential in that direction. But we try to be present in all the different segments of the market. We have some good opportunities already, for example in the healthcare space, so we’re exploring such options.

As a company, we are experiencing double digit growth over the past few years and that allows us to continue our strategy to expand. In Australia, we grew 30 per cent last year and we have another 30 per cent growth planned for this year. We don’t want to take shortcuts where things work in the short run but fire back in the long-term. We have a long way to go to the very top.


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