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Expense claim time-consuming for APAC employees

Anuradha Shukla | April 11, 2016
Leads to negative feelings towards employers, says survey.

About half of the employees in the Asia Pacific region find their employer's expense claim process time-consuming.

Findings from a new study conducted among senior and middle management professionals across Singapore, Malaysia and Australia indicate that two out of five are unsatisfied with the process.

A frustrating claims process stops employees from submitting expenses, which for Singaporean employees amounts to an average of US$ 414 a year.

Malaysian employees give away US$ 246 on average per year to their employers.

"Employees are the back-bone of successful operations. Therefore, it is essential that company processes do not weigh down on employee morale and satisfaction, especially when these processes can be easily automated" said Jack van der Velde, managing director APAC, Unit4 that announced the findings of the report.

Financial advantage

Unclaimed expenses amount to an average of US$202 a year in Australia

About a quarter of the employees feel that their employers are gaining a financial advantage through their expense claim process.

Twenty-one percent of Singaporean employees, 39 percent of Malaysian employees and 20% percent of Australian employees said they are short of money in many instances.

About a quarter of the employees who fell short of money, indicated that this has a negative influence on their feelings towards the company.

"In order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, companies must invest in making internal processes more efficient and seamless, allowing employees to focus on more critical matters," added van der Velde.


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