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France says 'non' to hashtags

Nick Miller | Feb. 7, 2013
The Ministry of Culture has announced that, from now on, Twitter ‘hashtags’ should be referred to as ‘‘mots-diese’’.

The French  these days are much more inclusive, they’re more relaxed, so words from the new media, from computers and so on are often adopted wholesale,’’ he says. In Canada in 2011 the Quebecois tried to redefine a hashtag as ‘‘mot-clic’’.

‘‘But you can’t really impose words – you can suggest them, you could say perhaps why they might be better, but ultimately [popular] usage will decide,’’ Dr Moyes says. Of course sometimes there are other reasons the French prefer their own term, Dr Moyes says.

The computer term ‘‘megabyte’’, for example. ‘‘The problem is ‘byte’ [pronounced ‘beet’] means ‘cock’ in French and so megabyte means ...  well, it’s unintentionally rude.’’

And that’s why, in France, a megabyte is a mega-octet. 

What the French should say 

Le Web Toile d’araignee mondiale

To-do  list: Liste des taches

Prime time Heure de grande ecoute

Le coaching L’entrainement d’une equipe

Le best-of Le meilleur


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