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IT employment landscape for 2009

Ross O. Storey | Feb. 5, 2009
Ross O. Storey spoke to Avocents Vice President, Asia Pacific, Ryan Sia, about the likely overall IT employment landscape for 2009.

Over the last 18 months, we have been seeing this push in Asia Pacific for companies to focus more on increasing productivity and cutting costs and this has pushed a demand for CIOs to be more closely aligned with the companys agenda.

What 2009 strategies does your enterprise plan to adopt relating to IT employment to cope with the current downturn?

It is bound to impact companies around the world but companies need to stay focused on their core businesses. Consider what is happening in the market, companies are cutting down on costs and green IT has been gaining rapid popularity. There is an increasing demand for companies to move into IT energy efficiency, and we will require IT workers who have the right skill-set. While re-examining our recruitment policies/plan, we will focus on enhancing our existing talent force to meet the pressures of doing more with less resources, fulfilling the requirement for better IT skills-sets.

How difficult will it be in 2009 for senior IT people in the Asia Pacific region to find employment and which particular industry sectors are likely to be the toughest? How will your industry sector be affected?

Those senior professionals who possess the right attitude, resourcefulness and the resiliency to cope with the turmoil will stand a better chance to remain employed and develop a competitive edge over themselves.  

The financial industry for instance will be badly affected as evident from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and job cuts made by DBS, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley. However, other industries including manufacturing, oil and gas and even the services sectors will inevitably be affected.   

Having said that, IT remains a desirable profession despite the current situation and I foresee companies continuing to recruit IT professionals; however recruitment will be slow compared to previous years.

What would be the top three messages that have come from your feedback on IT recruitment and salaries in the AP region in 2009?

These are the top three in my opinion:

•    IT employees remained employable as their specialized skill sets are critical to business processes

•    IT salaries will be compromised in adjustment to the downturn, however companies who fail to provide salary increments after the downturn are at risk to higher turnover as IT employees realize their value in todays market

•    Salaries as one of the critical components, IT employees are also seeking for holistic accomplishment through continuous trainings for self-improvement 

Is there anything else you'd particularly like to add about the IT industry employment and salary scenario in the Asia Pacific?

At Avocent, we are committed to achieving excellence, constantly striving to recruit the best talent with the right skill-sets and attitude, even more so now, in order to be a competitive team in the market place.


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