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IT leadership lessons you can learn from failure

Rich Hein | Jan. 7, 2014
Although you work tirelessly to prevent them, failures happen in IT. It's important that you discover the secret for turning mistakes into lessons you can use to become a more effective leader.

To be an effective leader, you many times have to communicate to people the reasons things are being done to help them understand what's important.

Learn From the Competition
Successful leaders help their organizations by looking at the mistakes and failures (as well as successes) of others in their industry. Being able to identify possible issues this way could help your organization side step a problem that caused other companies to miss the mark.

Incentivize Workers
Create a program where IT pros are encouraged to report unforeseen problems and have those who stave off failure are rewarded.

"Don't fall in love with ideas, or personalities or progress for the sake of progress," says Lombardi "When we remember that new, untested ideas are really hypotheses and run experiments to find out if they work or not we're on the path to avoiding failure."


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