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IT outsourcing: 100 questions for a successful engagement

Patricia Ensworth | Aug. 16, 2010
Project management plays a critical role in outsourcing.

4. How much influence will I have over the terms and conditions of the contract?

5. Is there a deadline for outsourcing the project?

6. What criteria should I use to select a supplier?

7. What should I tell my business sponsor or client about the outsourcing initiative?

8. How will outsourcing affect my project delivery schedule?

Technology Partner

9. Is there a master services agreement with the supplier?

10. Is there a Statement of Work or Task Order template for the supplier or engagement type?

11. Are there Service Level Agreements for the supplier or engagement type?

12. What type of contract will it be?

13. Can I do a pilot project?

14. Can I visit the suppliers' sites?

15. Can I ask for competitive bids from suppliers?

16. How much experience does my organization's IT operations function have in setting up and managing outsourced engagements?

Team Captain

17. Who in my organization is managing the relationship with the supplier?

18. Who in the supplier is managing the relationship with my organization?

19. Does my organization maintain a central resource pool with the supplier?

20. Will the engagement be based upon staff augmentation or managed services?

21. What criteria should I use to select a project for outsourcing?

22. Is there a headcount quota in my department for moving project resources?

23. Will there be layoffs among my staff?

24. Will there be rewards for my staff?


25. Where can I obtain more information about outsourcing in general?

Phase 2: Planning


26. What is the business continuity plan for the supplier?

27. Who will monitor the accuracy of my invoices from the supplier?

28. Who will arrange travel and expenses for the supplier's staff?

29. Who will monitor that the supplier's invoices for my project are being paid?

30. What is the best ratio of on-site to supplier site resources?

31. On which point will negotiations with the supplier about outsourcing be most difficult: budget, schedule, or scope and quality?

32. What should I do when my project team wants to develop a detailed, specific plan for the engagement, and the supplier wants to agree on a few points initially but leave many aspects open for mutual discussion in the future?

33. Which IT support functions should be involved in planning my engagement?

Technology Partner

34. What reports and metrics can I establish to monitor the performance of the engagement?

35. What sort of data masking will be necessary for the engagement?

36. Can my development tools be installed remotely?

37. How will the supplier's resources receive technical support?

38. How will the supplier's resources appear in our internal systems (Human Resources, Accounts Payable, budgeting, Help Desk)?


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