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IT outsourcing: 100 questions for a successful engagement

Patricia Ensworth | Aug. 16, 2010
Project management plays a critical role in outsourcing.

39. How will my organization monitor the uptime of the project infrastructure?

40. How many different suppliers' resources can I include on my project team before the logistics become too chaotic?

41. What are the most critical IT and data security issues I should expect to address?

Team Captain

42. How should I reorganize and reallocate my staff to facilitate outsourcing?

43. What provisions should I make for staff turnover at the supplier's site?

44. How are supplier resources trained?

45. What hours will the supplier resources work?

46. Will there be cross-cultural training for my staff and for the supplier's resources?

47. How long will it take new supplier resources to learn their jobs?

48. How should I divide the project work among several suppliers in different locations?

49. Is it worthwhile for the supplier to maintain a bench of idle resources to meet fluctuating project demands?


50. What resources does my organization provide to train project managers and team leads in outsourcing and supplier relationship management?

Phase 3: Executing


51. How often should I visit the supplier's site?

52. How often should I conduct teleconferences with the supplier?

53. What should I tell my business sponsor or client about the status of the outsourcing engagement?

54. How should I respond when management changes affect the personnel, goals, strategy, procedures and/or politics of outsourcing in my own organization?

55. How do I deal with a change of ownership for the supplier?

56. What should I do when I disagree with the supplier about charges for work?

57. When my project team regards the supplier's resources as trustworthy partners, but my organization regards the supplier as a deceitful adversary, how should I behave so that I do not alienate either group?

58. When my supplier is doing an excellent job, how can I ensure that their efforts will be recognized by my organization--and vice versa?

Technology Partner

59. How can I minimize defects and test failures due to configuration problems between the client and the supplier?

60. How can I determine whether the people listed as supplier resources are in fact who the supplier says they are?

61. How can I lengthen, shorten, or modify a Statement of Work, Task Order, or Service Level Agreement in the midst of the engagement?

62. How can I ensure that project team members employed by different suppliers cooperate and collaborate effectively?

63. How should I proceed if my organization and the supplier become engaged in a contract dispute?

64. What actions can I take when the site's networks/PCs/servers are so chronically slow or unreliable that the productivity of my team suffers?

65. How can I improve the technical support my resources obtain from my organization?


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