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Meet the Tinker twins: A unique tech emergency duo

Kristin Burnham | April 11, 2011
You're an HP customer struck by a business-critical technology disaster. Your IT department has tried everything. No one can fix it. The clock is ticking. Who you gonna call?

FRAMINGHAM, 7 APRIL 2011 - They don't wear capes nor do they have any magic powers, but some IT execs may think of them as superheroes. Identical twins Chris and Greg Tinker, master technologists at Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), thrive in the heat of the moment, excel in quelling frayed nerves and resolve the toughest, most unexpected IT problems.

As HP's "master technologists"—also known as "enterprise technical escalation engineers"—IT execs turn to the Tinkers when their systems suffer an incapacitating blow that their own IT department and other experts can't fix. Sometimes this means identifying a single string of defective code, detecting a faulty patch or discovering a malfunctioning chip.

"The more difficult a situation, the more exciting it is," Greg says. "Each day brings a whole new cup of tea. Rarely do we see the same thing twice."

The way the Tinkers arrived at HP together and in the same role is just as unique as the IT problems they solve.

After attending Southern Polytechnic State University, the Tinkers made a pact: They would take jobs at separate companies, then join each other after a year at the job they liked best.

Twelve months later, Greg joined Chris at HP where, over the span of 10 years, they climbed the ranks serving in proactive roles, reactive roles and roles related to storage and Unix.

"Tech advances at a very fast pace," Chris says. "A great deal of our time was spent learning material and keeping up with the pace of technology."

Their diverse knowledge in many areas of IT, he says, is a huge contributor to their success as enterprise technical escalation engineers.

In their role, Chris and Greg are on call 24/7. When the phone rings, they know it's urgent and that the issue is likely complicated. When a business experiences a mission-critical problem, it's sent through two levels of HP experts who try to assess and fix the problem. When that fails, the situation is sent to the Tinkers, who are the highest level of defense.

"When it gets to our level, the situation is very hot, very bad and has made a major business impact. We're tasked with driving the solution and getting the necessary engineers on call or on the site," Greg says.

Once their team is assembled, the Tinkers get to work on both finding the solution and calming tense execs.

"It puts the customer at ease when they have someone they can hand the keyboard to and troubleshoot with them in real-time," Greg says. "It's essential to assure them we're making progress and that a solution will be found. If you're not confident in your skill set, the customer will see right through it."


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