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New year, new you: The IT manager's revitalization guide

Computerworld staff | Jan. 2, 2013
Before diving into what's sure to be another rollercoaster year in IT, take a moment to retool your personal and professional priorities with some of our most insightful tech management articles.

Build productive relationships

Recruit the best executive sponsor for your IT projects

Every big project needs a high-ranking exec with a stake in the game and solid connections within the organization. Here's how to find and train the right one for the job.

Get along better with your marketing department

As corporate marketing campaigns become all-digital affairs, IT and marketing execs find themselves wrangling over territory. Here are 4 tips for sorting out who does what.

Get to 'yes' with your legal team over cloud computing issues

Inside the enterprise, the biggest obstacle to cloud computing is often the company's own corporate counsel. Here's how IT is getting to yes with legal.

Get a handle on rogue IT

Visionary IT leaders are brave enough to ask why line-of-business managers attempt to bypass IT -- and how they can manage the situation rather than ignore it.

Communicate better with your global team

Premier 100 IT Leader Chris Miller also answers questions on long-term unemployment and coping with a woefully understaffed IT department.

Become a social media star

Savvy IT leaders are using social media to better communicate with peers, employees and customers. You can too.

Break up with a mentor with class and grace

When a relationship has run its course, the end must be handled professionally.

Build relationships, and career opportunities will follow

Like it or not, we are all contractors now. Here's how to make the most of the situation.

Be a better boss

Hold on to your best talent

6 tips for holding on to your workplace stars.

Motivate workers with salary, skills and strategy

IT professionals rank career development as their top priority -- even higher than compensation.

Learn from your interns

Interns aren't just for grunt work anymore. When properly managed, they can bring new insight to IT problems and processes.

Embrace the skeptics on your team

Working with skeptics can be painful, but the right kind of skeptic can be highly valuable, especially during project planning.

Transition your sysadmins

The traditional sysadmin role is changing, thanks to cloud computing and virtualization.

Nurture your newest hotshot, the tech business analyst

The once lowly business analyst is suddenly in high demand. Here's how to work well with the ones you've got.

Find skilled IT contractors...

Need outside expertise for your next IT project? These resources and tips can help.

... and manage them better

Hiring contract tech workers is a quick, easy way to staff up a project or offload mundane tasks -- but managing them can be ticklish.

Take care of your career


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