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New year, new you: The IT manager's revitalization guide

Computerworld staff | Jan. 2, 2013
Before diving into what's sure to be another rollercoaster year in IT, take a moment to retool your personal and professional priorities with some of our most insightful tech management articles.

Prepare for the coming IT skills revolution

The current tech talent gap is just the first sign of a coming revolution in the IT jobs market. Here's how to secure your footing now and brace for what's ahead.

Track promising directions for a tech career

Premier 100 IT Leader Dave Ballai also answers a question on getting a master's degree.

Learn IT career mapping

Career maps help tech workers navigate the choppy waters of IT employment.

Consider hiring an executive coach

CEOs have long used executive coaches to take their leadership to the next level. Now IT pros are following suit.

Explore free and cheap ways to study for IT certifications

Use these tips for finding inexpensive study resources and getting hands-on experience.

Learn how to work around a bad boss

Premier 100 IT Leader Raman Mehta on how to cope with an uncooperative higher-up.

Adopt three quick tips for presenting to the board

Communicate more effctively with your leadership-level peers.

Make a big move

Take control of your own IT career

The new economy puts you in the driver's seat of your career. Can you handle it? We show you how.

Learn from recent hires how to land a new job

Four IT workers who recently found new jobs describe their hard-won success and offer a view from the street.

Highlight hot skills on your resume

Soft skills are key to career advancement, but they're difficult to quantify. Here's how to revamp your resume to make your talents shine.

Look for jobs on the 'other side' of the cloud

As companies turn increasingly toward the cloud, corporate IT staffers wonder if the grass is greener working for a service provider.

Try something completely different

Like beekeeping...

Teacher, farmer, beekeeper and technologist -- how IT professor James T. Wilkes combines his life's pursuits.

... or a move entirely out of IT

What do you do after reaching the pinnacle of IT management? If you're like these CIOs, you leave. Here's where they went, and why.


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