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'Sold Out' offers a new look at the H-1B debate

Patrick Thibodeau | Nov. 11, 2015
Book about tech’s most controversial issue arrives at a pivotal time in American politics.

Malkin, in an interview, identifies herself has a conservative blogger, but doesn't see the H-1B issue as shaped around partisan lines. That's evident in the book's sourcing. It draws from a wide range of resources, including the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal leaning think tank that Malkin praises for its work on this issue.

"In the end, I really don't care about party affiliations, because many people are synthesizing all of the facts and information and coming to their own independent conclusions," said Malkin. She believes that informed politicians, no matter what party, can have "a principled epiphany" about the issue.

Malkin also believes the visa is gaining traction as an issue with presidential candidates because of attention from the tech press, blogs and activists groups. "All of this, I think, is creating the perfect storm for putting this issue out there in a really huge way," she said.

People are "fed up with both parties' lip service to the American middle class," she said.

Though the book focuses on the H-1B visa, it is also about the plight of IT workers. "The book, in large part, pays homage to those workers," said Malkin.


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