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Southern California Edison layoffs get U.S. Senate attention

Patrick Thibodeau | Feb. 9, 2015
Southern California Edison's replacement of IT workers with H-1B workers is getting attention from one U.S. lawmaker who is in a positon to influence immigration law.

"Apparently, Southern California Edison — a power company rooted in the United States of America — is converting, laying off, and terminating the employment of people who have been with them for a number of years. Southern California Edison is transitioning those positions to foreign employees who have come in under the H-1B visa program for the sole purpose of taking a job. They are not coming under the immigration policy where they would move from green card into permanent residence and into citizenship. They come solely for a limited period of time to take a job, and they work for less pay too often.

"This is what one person said: 'They are bringing in people with a couple of years' experience to replace us and then we have to train them,' said one long-time IT worker. 'It's demoralizing and in a way I kind of felt betrayed by the company.''

"I bet he did. Continuing to quote from the article:

"SCE, Southern California's largest utility — which is a quasi-almost-government entity under the regulatory powers of the State — has confirmed the layoffs and the hiring of Infosys, based in Bangalore, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Mumbai. They are two of the largest users of H-1B visas.

"Apparently, what happens is these companies sign up workers in — in this case — India, and they call up the big power company and say: Look, we have all these young people who have an education, and your salaries are real generous to them, they like your salaries, and we will just send them over on H-1B visas. They can stay 3 years and then return to their country and you can get rid of all those American workers. Maybe you will not have to pay such high retirement or health care benefits.

"The article goes on to say: Computerworld interviewed, separately, four affected SCE IT employees. They agreed to talk on the condition that their names not be used. The IT employees at SCE are 'beyond furious,' said a second IT worker. The H-1B program 'was supposed to be for projects and jobs that American workers could not fill,' this worker said. 'But we're doing our job. It's not like they are bringing in these guys for new positions that nobody can fill.'

"It goes on to say: 'Not one of these jobs being filled by India was a job that an Edison employee wasn't already performing,'' he said.

"It goes on to talk about this. Professor Ron Hira, who studied this in great depth and has written about this problem for some time, made some comments on it, too: The SCE outsourcing 'is one more case, in a long line of them, of injustice where American workers are being replaced by H-1B's,' said Ron Hira, a public policy professor at Howard University, and a researcher on offshore outsourcing. Adding to the injustice, American workers are being forced to do 'knowledge transfer,' an ugly euphemism for being forced to train their foreign replacements.'


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