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Survey: Cloud, mobility top priorities of CxOs

T.C. Seow | Oct. 5, 2012
Findings from CIO Asia's annual State of the CXO Survey show some silver linings. Some old challenges remain, but new ones will require fresh thinking to overcome in the journey ahead.

Social media and the enterprise
Last year, social computing (or social media) was seen more as a nuisance that was tolerated in the corporate environment, so long as it did not affect work efficiency. This year though, the scenario has changed somewhat. A year on, organisations are beginning to see it as a welcome change to how people consume and create information. While CXOs in the past felt there was absolutely no need for social computing in the enterprise space, the tone has now changed to being an accommodating one, even though some might not have a coherent strategy yet on how that can be capitalised to the fullest.

Table 14 shows some of the potential benefits that social media can bring to the table, although the impression that social media is insecure -- or at least requires close supervision on its use within the corporate environment. Nonetheless, some of the most forward-looking organisations have already embarked on various projects to see how best to tap the rise of the BYOD trends by internally creating the tools necessary for the consumption of content as well as for dissemination of vital information to both internal as well as external parties.

Table 14
Table 14: Social computing potential.

Most organisations have gone through the phase that completely banned the use of social media within the corporate environment, to allowing such access through proper user policies and guidelines (Table 15). Still there are some which ban the use of social media within the enterprise for security reasons, although the chief concern among CXOs is staff productivity rather than security (Table 16).

Table 15
Table 15: Policies on social computing.

Table 16
Table 16: Biggest concerns on the use of social media.

The 2012 State of the CXO survey is, compared to 2011's, a refreshing find, to say the least. Although many similar reasons have been cited for obstructing CXOs from achieving their goals. One respondent has put all this down: "To be effective in our role, IT should be seen a value provider and not as an expense centre. Top management support is very critical. They should see IT's value to business."

Let us hope the CXOs' road ahead will be another interesting tale to regale a year from now.

At a Glance
1. Participating countries:

Chart: Participating countries

2. Top two industries:
Manufacturing (33.7%), and Finance & Insurance (12.2%)

3. Majority of the respondents comes from Philippines (42.1%), Indonesia (36.7%), Malaysia (36.6%) and Singapore (23.3%). As a result, 25.6% of responding organisations have less than US$50 million worldwide revenues.


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