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The 'endpoint plus network' strategy is CSO's armor: Kris Hagerman

By Yogesh Gupta | Jan. 4, 2017
A holistic security portfolio elevates the company's value proposition as a preferred vendor for companies, Sophos CEO says

Cybercrime continues to spread its fangs globally across companies of all sizes. The year 2016 saw new forms of malware, ransomware and breach attacks impacting many companies’ infra and brand reputation.

In an exclusive interaction with CSO India, Kris Hagerman, CEO of Sophos, spoke on M&A, competition, and innovations in the cybersecurity world. Hagerman says, “India is an extremely strategic market for us as we have one fourth of Sophos' global workforce in this part of the world.” 

Edited excerpts:

What is the current state of the security world as we step into 2017 as hackers (Mirai malware, new ransomware) give sleepless nights to security vendors and their customers?

The summary statement is that IT security across the world is becoming more difficult and more complex and the cost of getting it wrong continues to go up. The year of 2016 wasn’t terribly different from 2014 and 2015. There has been a consistent pattern in the way cybercrime has grown as a business. And there is a great deal of innovation amongst cyber criminals on finding all sorts of new ways to ultimately get the data of an organization.

Our customers and partners constantly look at Sophos to innovate and stay ahead of cyber criminals. They want us to fundamentally protect their data from both network and endpoint perspective as they work in tandem and importantly talk to each other. 2016 was a year of innovation with Sophos Intercept X launched a quarter ago. Sophos which went public 18 months ago is outgrowing the security market in network and endpoint.

What is revolutionary about Sophos' Intercept X in today’s multi-vector attack surface which also includes Cloud and IoT?

In IT security business, vendors need to come up with advanced techniques that solve the big problem of ransomware or malware for the customers. The exciting offering Intercept X is the next gen end point to fight ransomware at the very core of IT infra’s exploit level. It is an innovative way to solve the most substantial problem that every company is today a target for ransomware. The patented anti-exploit technology identifies not specific signatures of malware but different and unique techniques of malware used by hackers. Intercept X is one of the prime reasons for Sophos to emerge as a visionary vendor in the end-point security market.

More digital data in App economy is a big headache to CISOs and C-level executives of organizations.

The challenges for CISOs today are extraordinary. They have been asked to protect more digital data used on more devices by more people across every possible application in a world where there are more cybercriminals who are becoming much more sophisticated. CISOs have to protect more digital data used on more devices by more people across every possible application in a world where there are more cybercriminals who are becoming much more sophisticated.


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