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The power of persuasion in a job search

Meridith Levinson | Feb. 5, 2009
When you're hunting for a new job, you may not realize that your main objective is persuasion

Persuasion is really about changing someone's perception. You're trying to alter their beliefs and behavior. Persuasion is really about moving someone from point A to point B.

Manipulation implies coercion. When we're talking about persuasion, there's more of a win-win: both parties are happy. Manipulation implies that only one party is satisfied.

So it's the approach that's different?

Manipulation is often synonymous with some kind of threat: If you don't do this, this will happen. Persuasion is more a meeting of the minds: You're getting someone to come around to your point of view. No one gets hurt. You changed a person's perception, but not by coercion or threat. 


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