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The real cost of lying about IT infrastructure costs

Matt Prigge | April 21, 2010
Are you hiding the truth from management to justify the money you need to operate your infrastructure? That's a dangerous game.

Of course, the alternative to obfuscation is not particularly pleasant, either. It takes time, effort, and a thick skin to disclose the real cost of running an IT infrastructure as it relates to applications and services. But if you do it right and management is receptive, far fewer lamentable purchasing decisions will be made.

Moreover, as the pay-as-you-go cloud matures, the budgetary shell game will come to a halt. If management doesn't know what things actually cost to run, it may decide to outsource big, mission-critical applications, leaving you with peanuts to run the rest of your infrastructureand a whole lot of explaining to do.

It's naïve to think we can all just spill our guts and start making completely honest budgets overnight. But I fear that if we don't start working toward the truth in IT, we may end up as victims of our own prevarication.


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