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The recruitment war

Ross O. Storey | Feb. 23, 2009
James Mendes, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) shares his thoughts about the current IT recruitment environment

Effective talent management and talent planning is required to achieve the balance of staff retention and training and development investment versus the businesses operating costs and ability the fund these investments.

When the economy does begin to turn around, it will be the high performers, strategists and motivated talent already in the organisation who can help the company take advantage of the market upturn. When recruiting it will be vital to attract and engage the right candidates, to convert them to employees, to provide opportunities for them, and to ensure that every effort is made to retain them.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions offer companies an edge in talent attraction and retention. We provide a dedicated onsite recruitment team of industry specialists, back-office support, and innovative and diverse sourcing channels to ensure that the best candidates are made available to our customers. Our recruitment teams are strategically aligned with the HR functions of our customers, supporting talent forecasting, retention and mobility programs. Our RPO solution will also allow companies to manage their internal and external recruitment needs at lower cost essential in these challenging times. 

We also have a Professional Services team who provide on-demand support across multiple recruitment areas and can advise on best practice for organisations who are reviewing their talent requirements and recruitment plans.

How difficult will it be in 2009 for senior IT people in the Asia Pacific region to find employment and which particular industry sectors are likely to be the toughest? How will your industry sector be affected?

Senior IT professionals in Asia Pacific with experience in cost saving, off shoring, running strategic partnerships and the ability to directly impact revenue will continue to be in demand in 2009.

The financial sector has taken some serious punishment with hundreds of thousands of staff retrenched throughout the world this will be an industry which takes some time to recover to previous staffing levels.

In other industries that have been heavily affected by the economic downturn, staff who find themselves back in the job market after extended periods of employment may find it difficult to adjust to the new landscape. Job seeking tactics and methods that may have worked in the past are no longer effective in this market its important for job-hunters to adapt to the new employment environment.

What would be the top three messages that have come from your feedback on IT recruitment and salaries in the AP region in 2009?

Hiring will not grind to a halt across the IT industry; there will always be a base level of demand for skilled IT staff. However, expect to see conservative and carefully-considered hiring across the IT spectrum, with high-performing talent fiercely pursued and protected.


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