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Top 8 things CSOs wish they had a solution for

Jason Clark | Oct. 11, 2012
After a challenging day at the office, many CSOs and CISOs spend their harried nights wishing for a better and easier way to accomplish the tough tasks they face at work.

You need an email security solution that uses cloud-based spear phishing protection, which catches and inspects any never-before-seen URLs, before they hit your network. Your standard spam filters cannot do this. Lastly, many spear phishing emails avoid your company email system and target your CEO's Gmail account. So you need a web security gateway that can protect your user when they click on a spear phish link. There are very few web security gateways that are spear phish-aware. This is key.

8. We want an easy way to measure and market our success.

This is a big one. Security is a board room problem, but we have to be able to convince the board that it is a BOD problem, while measuring the trend to impart success. We have to address so many new security challenges and emerging threats. How can we possibly demonstrate our value to our CEO and Board of Directors? I've addressed a few of my best practices here, but would also love to hear your suggestions.

Did I miss your main pain points? If I did, leave me a comment below and let's discuss. If you've got suggestions on how to address some of these challenges, please feel free to post them as well. In addition, send me a message on LinkedIn and I'll try to help you through some of the best practices I've seen to address these challenges.


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