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Weathering the storm: Business CIOs are safest

Ross O. Storey | Feb. 11, 2009
What will be the information technology employment landscape for 2009? What are the best strategies for survival? A range of pundits share their views about IT recruitment, salary and employment prospects for the year ahead.

Patersons HR & Payroll Solutions advice

  • Consolidate support services and ensure full utilisation of staff.  
  • Use smart recruitmenttake your time and look for the right candidate at the right price.
  • Be creative when recruiting, traditional approaches may not be the best and remember it is an employers market.
PTS Consulting advice
  • Be positive: Its not all doom and gloom: The current financial turmoil will create demand for change. The consequence of any change, whether that is expansion, downsizing, integration, consolidation, optimisation or even closure, is an increase in demand for those who can manage and implement that change. So be positive and focus on how you can contribute individually.
  • Be realistic: The boom years have encouraged a generation for whom money was easy, jobs were plentiful and the expectations of employer and employee were perhaps misaligned. It is important to understand the direct value you add to your business and to be realistic about your expectations and sense of worth.
  • Be patient: It is still early days. For many, this past year has delivered an almighty blow and most organisations are still picking themselves off the floor, and wondering what on earth hit them. It will take a few more months to unwind financial exposure and to fully understand positions of risk. Only then can more long-term strategies be established and implemented.


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