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What makes a company a ‘best place to work’?

Sharon Florentine | Dec. 20, 2016
Glassdoor has released its annual Best Places to Work list for 2017 and while a diverse group of companies are represented, there are common elements that experts say the best employers share.

The most important factor in doing so is simply listening to your employees, which is where sites like Glassdoor, and lists like the Best Places to Work - Employees' Choice, are critical in the workforce landscape, says Maroney.

"You have to pay attention to what your employees are saying about you, about your culture, and hear them when they tell you what will make them stay and what will cause them to go. Ask them what's important by doing employee surveys, focus groups, 'town hall' type meetings -- anything that will help you identify the key drivers of attrition and retention -- and then you have to act on that," she says.

Building a best-place-to-work-worthy culture starts at the top with leadership that's willing to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to following through on improving culture, says Maroney. It's not a simple task, and requires sustained attention and effort, but such efforts on Kronos' part have resulted in increased traffic to the company's recruiting sites, Maroney says.

"Senior leadership has to invest in these efforts. If someone says, 'My work-life balance isn't great,' or 'My manager is terrible,' you have to take action to rectify those things in the interest of culture. You have to identify what your culture is now, what you want it to be, and actively listen to your employees to help you get there," she says.


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