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Why IT jobs are never coming back

Stephanie Overby | Dec. 10, 2010
The combination of more automation, increased offshoring, and better global IT infrastructure has taken its toll on the U.S. IT profession But aren't countries like India maturing in terms of IT innovation capabilities as well?

Jannsen: That's the scary part. They will get there. It's one thing to get cost savings from less strategic parts [of the corporate IT portfolio]. But at some point, Infosys is going to be just as innovative as IBM.

Padron: And some of the IBM innovation is not done in the U.S. anymore. The economic world is ahead of the geopolitical world. Is corporate IT-and U.S. IT job loss-a bellwether for other corporate service functions like finance or HR?

Jannsen: Finance is catching up in a big, big way. IT was leading the pack. In three to five years, there will be just as many finance jobs lost as IT jobs. HR will take a little longer because it is a business-to-consumer function while finance and IT are business-to-business.


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