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You don't know tech: The InfoWorld news quiz

Dan Tynan | March 18, 2011
InfoWorld news quiz: March 18, 2011: IE9's beta period comes to an end, 4chan wants to be your friend

a. Bruce Springsteen

b. John Mellencamp

c. Jon Bon Jovi

d. Ozzy Osbourne

6. Netflix is rumored to be negotiating for the rights to air its first original miniseries. What is its title?

a. "House of Pain"

b. "House of Cards"

c. "House of Ill Repute"

d. "House of Pancakes"

7. Intel just handed its annual Talent Search prizes to three geeky American teens. Which of the following adolescents was not among them?

a. Evan O'Dorney

b. Michelle Hackman

c. Matthew Miller

d. Justin Bieber

8. Did somebody hack the jumbo video screens in New York City's Times Square using an iPhone and a helium balloon? No. But they did create a viral video that made it look like they did in order to promote an upcoming movie. Which one?

a. "Heartless"

b. "Limitless"

c. "Brainless"

d. "Tactless"

9. An obscure Chinese blog called M.I.C. Gadget just got b-slapped by Facebook. What did it do wrong?

a. Singed up for a Facebook account using a fake name

b. Started a copycat social network called Acebook

c. Created a fan page for Falun Gong

d. Sold a Mark Zuckerberg action figure

10. Take the monthly cost of an all-access electronic subscription to New York Times and multiply by the number of copies of IE9 downloaded during its first 24 hours, rounded down to the nearest 100,000. Multiply that figure by the percentage of all online movies that were streamed via Netflix in 2011, rounded to the nearest zero. Put that in your Watch Now queue and start microwaving the popcorn. What do you get?

a. 483,000

b. 4,830,000

c. 48,300,000

d. 483,000,000

Curious to see how you knowledgeable you are? Take the InfoWorld news quiz and find out.


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