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10 things to do before you lose your laptop

Paul Mah | Sept. 11, 2015
Your laptop computer lets you to stay in touch and be productive regardless of where you are. But if you aren’t careful that portability can be your downfall.

9. Remember to include a ‘please return’ note.

For all the efforts to keep your data synchronized and physical security in place, don’t forget to include a simple note with information of how to return your laptop. This could be an office address, a contact number or an email address on the screensaver, or printed on a sticker attached to the bottom of your device.

This won’t work if your laptop is stolen, of course, but could go a long way toward helping a Good Samaritan return it in the event that you simply misplaced it.

10. Set it up for remote tracking, or wiping.

Finally, one way to facilitate the recovery of your laptop would be to install software like Prey or LoJack on your device. Depending on your service plan, and how you set it up, you may be able track the location of your stolen device, send a remote alarm or message, or even perform a remote wipe of the device.

Please note that you should never attempt to recover a stolen laptop by yourself, even if it turns out to be nearby. Instead, contact police or security. Even if recovery isn’t possible, being notified of a successful remote wipe would at least give you some peace of mind that your data was not compromised.


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