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11 features we'd like to see in the iPad mini

David Court | Oct. 17, 2012
Apple is set to launch its much anticipated iPad mini this week. Here is a list of 11 features we'd like to see in the iPad mini.

Likeliness: 7/10

This one could be a goer. Apple has always prided itself on being the best in the business and a 7-inch tablet with a dashing display really would make it stand out from the crowd. It's certainly not beyond Apple's reach either as the Californian company has made retina displays for both smaller and larger screens in the past. Whether this feature is included or not will all boil down to what price Apple decides to charge for the iPad mini - if they are aiming to make it more affordable, then you can kiss chance of a retina display goodbye, however if they opt for a more Apple price tag, then it's a distinct possibly.

4. 30-pin to Lightning adaptor

Once again, Apple ruffled a lot of feathers by changing the data/charging port of the iPhone 5. The reason Apple gave for its introduction was because technology has moved on and it could now achieve the same results with a smaller port as it used to with the old 30-pin port, thus freeing up room in the device to squeeze in more clever stuff. This logic means that the iPad mini would surely follow suit (as probably all future iOS devices will). An adaptor to make sure all old iOS docks would still work with new Apple Lightning ports would be a thoughtful addition.

Likeliness: 5/10

It would be a nice touch if Apple were to include at least one 30-pin to lightning adapter with the iPad mini, as without it all previous iOS compatible docking gizmos become redundant. But this means nothing, and Apple is set to make a pretty penny (and the rest) off the back of 30-pin to Lightning adaptors alone, so this very much hangs in the balance. Don't get your hopes up.


Ah Siri. This feature is a bit of an odd one as it's something that everyone wants, but those that are lucky enough to have it, don't really use it in the way that it was designed to be used. Rather, it is used by the masses as a little test to try and catch it out with questions like "Which horse will win the 3:30 at Ascot?" to which Siri will probably fetch the latest odds for the race. Anyway, we're going ever so slightly off topic here. What we mean in a nutshell is, an iPad mini with Siri will be better than an iPad mini without Siri.

Likeliness: 6/10

There is not an awful lot of complicated hardware needed for Siri to work on iOS devices. In fact, the main thing that it needs to work is a microphone designed to pick up a human voice from over a foot away, something that isn't beyond Apple's reach. So bearing this in mind there's a good chance the iPad mini will have Siri.


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