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11 features we'd like to see in the iPad mini

David Court | Oct. 17, 2012
Apple is set to launch its much anticipated iPad mini this week. Here is a list of 11 features we'd like to see in the iPad mini.

6. MicroSD card slot

Apple has been unwaveringly rigid on the inclusion of expandable memory slots in its iOS devices. It just doesn't do them. That doesn't mean we don't want Apple to buck its trend with the iPad mini.

Likeliness: 1/10

We hope this comes back to bite us, because we'd really like to see expandable memory in the iPad mini (and future iOS devices). However, we really can't see it happening. Apple has an extremely successful pricing model that is based around the storage on offer in each device, so introducing expandable memory to its devices would ruin a tried and tested moneymaker.

7. Google Maps

The loss of Google Maps is a big deal. It was one of the most widely used and appreciated apps on previous iOS', but now it's gone. I think we're all agreed that having an iPad mini with at least the choice of having Google Maps would be a nice feature. However, Apple and Google aren't really the best of friends at the minute.

Likeliness: 3/10

The good news is that if Apple and Google kissed and made up, then it wouldn't take an awful lot to get a sound Google Maps app on the iPad mini. The bad news is that Apple and Google seem to be growing further apart and therefore Google Maps on future iOS' isn't very likely.

8. Flash web browsing

Ok, this one is a bit of a pipe dream considering Apple mobile devices and Adobe Flash has been a complete non-starter. However, the thought of having a tablet with a truly capable web browser is pretty appealing, so needless to say, we'd love to see it in the iPad mini.

Likeliness: 1/10

Unfortunately, this just isn't going to happen. The iPad Mini is going to be a less specced version of the iPad and the thought of the 'mini' holding the trump card of Flash over its big - and more expensive - brother is laughable. We could be wrong on thisbut we won't be.

9. Stylus

Steve Jobs himself said a smaller tablet than the iPad would require people to file down the width of their fingers to use it properly (or something similar). So with a smaller iPad on the way, one would naturally think that Apple has thought of a way to let people use its new tablet without the need to file down fingertips. The most feasible solution to this would be to include a stylus.

Likeliness: 7/10

This one could happen. Simply because Apple has belittled the idea of smaller tablets for years, and now that they're about to make U-turn and enter the smaller tablet market a Stylus would allow Apple to have a new feature to shout about while saving a little bit of face at the same time.


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